Amphetamines Addiction Rehabilitation Melbourne

The Malvern Private Hospital in Melbourne specialises in many facets of addiction treatment, and amphetamines/methamphetamines addiction and abuse are a major part of our extensive and intensive care program.

At our Melbourne drug rehabilitation clinic we provide a comprehensive program offering not only withdrawal treatment from amphetamine abuse, amphetamine addiction, and methamphetamines abuse and addiction, but also our successful range of therapies and tutorials that focus on mind, body and soul so that an individual can be restored to optimal health. During amphetamine addiction rehabilitation we work with those who abuse or are addicted to amphetamines (Common tags: Adderall, Desoxyn, Desoxyn Gradumet, Dexedrine), and variants such as methamphetamines (Common Tags: meth, crystal, crack, goey, base, shards and ice).

A client’s recovery is of vital importance to us and we pride ourselves on having the best highly skilled psychiatrists, addiction medicine specialists, and general practitioners to oversee a client’s medical needs during their admission.

The admission and referral process is initially via the phone and can be done by self-referral, GP or by other clinicians such as psychologists and counsellors.

For more information or to book an assessment time please call 03 9885 9621

The Recovery Program

The recovery program includes: Detox (withdrawal), rehabilitation, and abstinence, and our tailored care solutions are custom specialised to suit each individual.

Amphetamines detox is a vital stage in our treatment therapy in Melbourne. During the detoxification process we ensure our clients are comfortable and that their physical condition is closely monitored. We encourage non-drug alternatives whenever possible during the detox period, and work together as a team to support clients during the entire process. (The amphetamines detox treatment includes methylated amphetamine—crystal meth abuse and addiction)

During the rehabilitation phase we employ a range of therapeutic approaches to recovery, all facilitated by our friendly team of highly trained, experienced, and dedicated staff. Psychological interventions include: Cognitive behavioural therapies and role-play scenarios, individual/group counseling sessions, listen/talk problem solving programs, art therapy, exercise and relaxation sessions, intensive group therapy, and healthy ways to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Permanent abstinence from drug abuse and addiction is one of our top priorities. At our drug rehab centre in Melbourne we use a ‘formal discharge plan’ to significantly increase the likelihood of success following a client’s discharge, and as well as family support we liaise with recovery support accommodation providers with regard to aftercare.

During the detoxification or withdrawal period, we will do everything possible to ensure clients are as comfortable as possible and closely monitor their physical condition. We encourage non drug alternatives where possible during the detoxification period, and work together as a team to support clients during the process.

The Rehabilitation phase

The rehabilitation phase incorporates:

  • Introduction to a range of therapeutic approaches to recovery, delivered by trained, experienced and dedicated staff.
  • Psychological interventions include Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) and role-plays scenarios.
  • Individual and group counselling sessions.
  • Therapeutic listening and problem solving programs, focusing on specific life situations with tailored strategies for individual clients.
  • Art therapy.
  • Exercise: walks, yoga or relaxation sessions.
  • Intensive group therapy, sharing experiences and stories with others in recovery.
  • Promotion of healthy ways to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.
  • Real time practice in attending AA meetings, NA meetings, GA meetings and in-house meetings.
  • Formal discharge planning to increase the likelihood of success after discharge.
  • Liaison with recovery support accommodation providers where needed.
  • A separate support and education program for families.

Discharge Planning, Day Program and Aftercare Program

The Treating Team will collaborate with the client during their stay to prepare a plan for discharge and beyond. This plan aims to cover:

  • Attendance at the Day Program and After Care Program.
  • Education for family and family meetings if needed so they understand how best to support recovery.
  • Attend AA/NA/GA meetings on a regular, ongoing basis.
  • Develop a relationship with support persons such as a sponsor, counsellor or therapist.
  • Develop a crisis management plan.
  • Address urgent practical problems before discharge.

Aware that addiction is a chronic and relapsing condition, a 2-4 week Day Program is run at the hospital’s rehabilitation centre, once clients have completed the 28 day residential stay. We know that relapse prevention is central to long term recovery, so during this time clients return to our rehabilitation centres daily for ongoing sessions and counselling.

The Aftercare Program is scheduled weekly at the hospital. This treatment program assists clients with their ongoing individual recovery, helping them maintain abstinence, and provides an opportunity for clients to talk about their recovery post their stay at Malvern Private.