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“When my GP sent me to Malvern I was nothing more than a shell. I was void of any hope of being able to live a life free from the torment of addiction. I had reached a point where I could not live without alcohol and I could no longer live with it, or with the pain of feeling my families and loved ones suffer as they watched me slowly kill myself.

I came to Malvern looking for nothing more than respite, I had tried multiple other programs and failed, yet it was at Malvern that I found a life like I had not ever experienced before. Dr Jack lit the initial glimmer of hope in me when I fi rst saw him, and that was to ignite my recovery fi re. It was the staff and the program that were able to fuel that with the knowledge and tools that I needed create a recovery that has let me live again. My recovery has allowed me to pursue a new path with my nursing and I now have the fortunate position of being a member of the nursing team at Malvern Private where I am able to be a part of other’s recovery journey.”


Living life on the edge slowly turned from excitement and mystery to disaster and chaos. I lost all connection with the world I knew and those I loved. My attempts to change and fix everything were short-lived and I became frustrated – the more I tried the worse things became. The honesty and insight I found during my Malvern Private experience set a foundation for positive change in ways I could never have imagined or hoped for.

“Starting the Family Support Program at Malvern Private was invaluable.” Starting the Family Support Program at Malvern Private was invaluable. My Mum, my two sisters and I attended each week whilst Dad started his treatment, and we all continued to attend once he completed the 28 day stay. The education and strategies we learnt were amazing, and the team at Malvern Private were so extremely supportive. The staff helped us understand and work through issues as a family, but we also realised that individually we have a journey to go through, which really helped me cope.

Dad was grateful we were attending the program because we covered the strategies and principles he too was learning in his program. I believe that as a family unit we are much stronger and supportive today for having been part of the Family Support Program.


When I entered the program at Malvern Private I was beaten. I was on leave from work and my family did not know what to do with me. I could not function on a day to day basis; even doing the food shopping was a trial. Alcohol ruled my life. I was scared but knew that something had to change. The day I started the program at Malvern my life began to change. The counsellors helped me to understand my addiction and what steps I needed to take to overcome it. I learnt how to listen and how to live life on life’s terms.

The daily group sessions were a huge part of my recovery as we discussed our problems in a safe and supportive environment. There were certainly ups and downs in my recovery and the staff at the hospital were always there to motivate me. Even now the counsellors continue to help me maintain my sobriety and support me through any issues I have. Those 28 days were some of the most challenging of my life, but I would not change them for anything.

My life has been turned around.


After 16 years of a vicious addiction to multiple substances, I found that no matter how I tried to clean up I would slip back into the same cycle of scoring, petty crimes, court and then self detoxification all to no avail. After realising I wasn’t able to stop myself and my loving family was not either, we found Malvern Private on the internet. I arrived not knowing what to expect but I can honestly say the tools/education I received there was what I was missing in all my previous attempts and the experience of the staff. I am now clean from all drugs and can honestly say I have never been happier in myself. My confidence is growing, and I feel I can tackle any challenges life brings good and bad. That’s again due to the hope and tools I found at Malvern Private I thought I was all alone in my dark times of addiction, but I now know I wasn’t and I’m not alone in my recovery either with the support of peers (fellow recovering people) and of course the Malvern Private staff.

“We have walked in your shoes”


The last drink I ever had was in a housing commission flat in Melbourne. Alcohol had taken away everything I ever had in my life. My wife, my children, my house, my career, my soul. There was a time that I lived and worked as an accomplished professional with multiple university degrees. By the time I entered Malvern Private, it was all gone. It was with the support and care that I received from all the staff and clients at Malvern that I was able to slowly rebuild my life. Through the group process and the individual care that I received, I left those doors with the hope that I need not ever drink or use drugs ever again. I found a new sense of self and a belief that I could again become the man that I wanted to be. Today, my family are an active part of my life and I have a fulfilling career that I love. I am at peace with myself. Malvern Private gave me the opportunity to rediscover my life and the tools to pursue my new dreams.