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Pre Admission


The admission and referral process is initially via the phone and can be done by self-referral, GP or by other clinicians such as Psychologists and Counsellors.

Before any person is admitted to a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, they will undergo a pre-admission assessment by an Assessment Specialist. This is a face to face interview and takes about an hour. Our assessment staff will discuss client history, and thoroughly brief the client on all aspects of the program so they can make an informed decision as to whether the program is suitable for their needs.

Fees & charges

We are a fully accredited and health fund endorsed facility. Private Health Insurance excess and gap costs vary depending on the level of cover. Our staff will give an estimate of the fees prior to admission. We have contracts with most funds and claim directly from them.


Malvern Private has both single and shared rooms. Clients will be assigned to a bed based on their condition and clinical need as determined by the admitting clinical team.

Patient rights and responsibilities

It is important that clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities as a client. A copy of the Rights and Responsibilities booklet will be provided to each client, either prior to admission, or on admission.

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