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Malvern Private Hospital is a dedicated 36 bed Addiction Rehabilitation and Recovery facility located in suburban East Malvern, Victoria. Malvern Private Hospital is wholly dedicated to providing an in-house 28 day residential Addiction Recovery Program (ARP). Clients are admitted under the care of Specialist Addiction Medicine doctors. Care throughout the program is provided by dedicated Clinical Counsellors, Nursing staff and Allied Health practitioners. Our program is unique in that we:-
  • Are a Private Hospital
    The benefits of a Private Hospital include individual and tailored care for your specialized needs in the context of your recovery from addiction a day at a time.
    Call us to discuss fees/options on (03) 9885 9621
    (Please be aware that Private Health Insurance excess and gap costs apply usually between $250-500 for excess payments and up to $6000 should you have the lowest level of cover (check with your health fund). Some Doctors fees up to $800)
  • Abstinence based program
    What does this mean for you? It means that we discharge you free of Alcohol, Benzodiazepines or Opiate based medications; we do not prescribe maintenance doses.
    We believe this is a benefit to your long-term success. And we firmly believe that abstinence is possible.
  • 28 Day Residential stay
    We have a bright, newly renovated and beautifully furnished facility that comfortably accommodates up to 36 residents. The longer the better is a good rule of thumb for effective addiction treatment and rehabilitation. But please ring us to discuss your needs on (03) 9885 9621
  • Day Program:
    We know that Relapse Prevention is central to long term recovery. For that reason we have added a full two week program of mornings to our existing residential module. These additional episodes of care can be extended as tailored for individual needs. Often your health fund covers this cost but please ring us to discuss your needs on (03) 9885 9621
  • Family Programs (Open to all interested members of the public)
    We offer you an ongoing series of Family Support Groups that aim to inform, educate, encourage and inspire you as you think about starting your own new journey as part of a family struck with addiction, please call us on (03) 9885 9621 to discuss how you can attend.
  • Cater to people over 21 years of age
    Why we have a minimum age? We have found that peer (i.e. fellow travelers in recovery) support and identification is central to recovery. To that end we notice that those generally below the age of 21 benefit more from programs that cater specifically to that age group. Each age group has various issues that pertain to that age and stage of life
  • Management of Addiction Recovery Primarily (not Psychiatric issues)
    MPH does its best work with clients who identify as having a problem with alcohol and/or other drugs. Often this problem leads to psychiatric complications. We do approach and contain these as part of treatment but our primary focus is on the addiction and the need for recovery. Therefore, we are not a facility for treating psychiatric conditions of those who do not have any addictions. For the treatment of Psychiatric conditions please contact Essendon Private Hospital on (03) 9337-9577 for further information
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