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5 Day Outpatient Program

You may question if you have a problem, or think that you can stop anytime, but if alcohol or drug use is impacting on you relationships, work, interests and general wellbeing, that's not okay.

Excess drinking/ partying, binge alcohol and drug use, or feeling the need for something to get you through can be the beginnings to a full blown dependency.

Time to reach out, get some help and do something about it.

Malvern Private’s education program for problematic Drug and Alcohol use provides access to our best practice dependency treatment facilities and practices, without the need for residential stay or the need for private health cover.

The Program is educational and focussed on you, requiring commitment and determination from you. In return, our aim to provide you a dedicated environment of qualified Doctors and Practitioners to educate and guide you through the steps of the program.

How the Program works

  • Daily attendance at MPH from 9.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday (morning tea and lunch provided).
  • Participation in educational presentations and group discussions.
  • Guest speakers and workshops from Dependency Medical Specialists, Psychiatrists and Counsellors.
  • Journal (to be recorded after program each night).
  • Introduction to 12 Steps / Abstinence approach into 12 steps.
  • Introduction of support groups.

Topics include

  • What is dependency? Disease Concept.
  • Progressive/ Chronic Condition.
  • Overview of MPH programs.
  • Drug and Alcohol Self Assessment exercises.
  • Anxiety/ Depression presentations.
  • What recovery means from a psychological perspective.
  • Lifestyle and behavioural strategies to support mental health without drug use.
  • Recognising Psychiatric issues associated with drug use and management.

“Very organised and well run sessions,…very knowledgeable, very supportive and engaging. Interesting to hear what others in the same situation have to say.”

“The facilitator gave me some positive words on arrival,… I was instantly impressed and the first meeting was extremely helpful. The facilitator as a recovering addict, has excellent knowledge of both sides of the fence”

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